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Magic: The Gathering — Trivia
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The cost and text on Ayula's Influence are references to Seismic Assault.
The name, type, cost, and text on Frostwalla are references to Rootwalla.
The cost and text on Springbloom Druid are references to Harrow.
The name, text, and art on Treefolk Umbra are references to Doran, the Siege Tower.
The cost, text, and art on Trumpeting Herd are references to Elephant Ambush.
The name and text on Collected Conjuring are references to Collected Company.
The type, text, and art on Iceberg Cancrix are references to Hedron Crab.
The name, text, and cost on Mirrodin Besieged are references to Monastery Siege.
The name, text, and art on Phantasmal Form are references to Phantom Monster.
The cost, text, power, and toughness on Martyr's Soul are references to Nantuko Shaman.
The cost, type, and text on Answered Prayers are references to Halcyon Glaze.
The text and flavor text on Face of Divinity are references to Daybreak Coronet.
The text on Recruit the Worthy is a reference to Sprout Swarm.
The text and art on Winds of Abandon are references to Path to Exile.
The card Waste Land, Ral's Vanguard and Gold Mine look stickered on is Reliquary Tower.
Underdark Beholder is reference to Dungeons & Dragons.

The name, cost, type, and text on Chimney Goyf are references to Chimney Imp and to the lhurgoyf creature type.
The card Bombardment looks stickered on is Act of Treason.
The card Transcantation, Trial and Error, and Whammy Burn look stickered on is Lightning Strike.
The card Growth Charm looks stickered on is Naturalize.
840 stories found
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