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Magic: The Gathering — Trivia
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The flavor text on Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind can be translated with a 90° clockwise rotation of the characters in parentheses. The result is : Niv-Mizzet = 1.
Puresteel Angel is a reference to Platinum Angel. "Puresteel" was the clean version of "Darksteel" in Mirrodin.
The card Start / Fire looks stickered on is Order / Chaos.
Start / Fire is a split card that combines Start from Start / Finish and Fire from Fire / Ice.
The card Smelt / Herd / Saw looks stickered on is Collision / Colossus.
Bind / Liberate is a split card that combines Bind and Liberate.
The card Bind / Liberate looks stickered on is Assure / Assemble.
Zyym, Mesmeric Lord was designed by Alex Werner during the Great Designer Search #3.
Wrath of Sod is a reference to Wrath of God.
The Landship and Kinfall mechanics used on Plane-Merge Elf are a mix of existing abilities Kinship et Landfall.
Maro's Gone Nuts's name, text and art are references to Mark Rosewater, whose love for squirrels and doubling mechanics is well known. The art is a reference to Look at Me, I'm the DCI, illustrated by Mark Rosewater himself. The card Maro's Gone Nuts looks stickered on is Doubling Season.
The name and art on Krosan Adaptation are references to Krosan Wayfarer.
Interplanar Brushwagg is a reference to Brushwagg, the only creature with the Brushwagg creature type.
Growth Charm's text mention three existing cards cards whose names contain "Growth". The word Charm is a reference to the many charms in MTG that allow a player to choose between effects.
The card Gorilla Tactics looks stickered on is Finale of Devastation.
Guardian of the Guildpact and Enemy of the Guildpact (Dissension), illustrated by Fred Hooper, line up to form a mural.
The card Throat Wolf looks stickered on is Viashino Sandstalker.
Throat Wolf is a reference to an old rumor concerning super rare card with "firstest strike" named Throat Wolf.


The text on Problematic Volcano is a reference to Raging River.
The name, text and casting cost on Mana Abundance are references to Mana Flare. the type "World Enchantment" is a reference to the Vision set.
Lazier Goblin is a reference to "Lazy Goblin" a test card that was part of a seventy cards test given to prospective employees of WoTC R&D.

840 stories found
Page / 35