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Magic: The Gathering — Trivia
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In Sylvan Echoes's art, there is a hidden horse with horns, which is mentioned in the flavor text.
The name, text, power, and toughness on Timbermare are references to Thundermare. It is also an homage.

Ransack the Lab is a "color-shifted" version of Strategic Planning. The black to blue color shift is a reference to Gisa and Geralf, which are both mentioned in Ransack the Lab's flavor text (a letter written by Geralf to his sister Gisa).
The mana cost, text, and art on Changeling Outcast are references to Tormented Soul.
The name, type, and text on First-Sphere Gargantua are references to Phyrexian Gargantua.
The card Waste Land, Ral's Vanguard and Gold Mine look stickered on is Reliquary Tower.
The card Bombardment looks stickered on is Act of Treason.
The card Transcantation, Trial and Error, and Whammy Burn look stickered on is Lightning Strike.
The card Growth Charm looks stickered on is Naturalize.
The card A Good Thing looks stickered on is Ethereal Absolution.
The card Pick Your Poison looks stickered on is Maelstrom Pulse.
The card Wrath of Sod looks stickered on is Camaraderie.
The card Zyym, Mesmeric Lord looks stickered on is Lazav, the Multifarious.
The card Puresteel Angel and Weaponized Scrap look stickered on is Skyscanner.
The card Aggressive Crag looks stickered on is Stone Quarry.
The card Domesticated Watercourse looks stickered on is Submerged Boneyard.
The card Enchanted Prairie looks stickered on is Meandering River.
The card Jasconian Isle looks stickered on is Island (Magic 2019), illustrated by Andreas Rocha.
800 stories found
Page / 34