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Magic: The Gathering — Trivia
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Four cards from the Dominaria set are marked Story Spotlight.

Broken Bond
Final Parting
Settle the Score
In Bolas's Clutches
Three cards from the Rivals of Ixalan set are marked Story Spotlight.

Flood of Recollection
Induced Amnesia
Mastermind's Acquisition
Five cards from the Amonkhet set are marked Story Spotlight.

Renewed Faith
Cruel Reality
Anointed Procession
By Force
Gideon's Intervention
Five cards from the Aether Revolt set are marked Story Spotlight.

 Consulate Crackdown
 Pia's Revolution
 Battle at the Bridge
 Dark Intimations
On Soul Scourge's original illustration by Carl Critchlow, the creature has no wings.
On Doublecast's original illustration by Even Amundsen, the character has a nice mustache !
On Howling Gale's original illustration, there is a body lying in the middle of the road.
On Tel-Jilad Outrider's art, the elf's mount is a Tel-Jilad Wolf.
On Barter in Blood's art (Mirrodin), the pierced creature is a Titanium Golem. Both cards are illustrated by Paolo Parente.
The Player Rewards promo version of Terror is inspired by the original Terror, by the same artist, Ron Spencer.
The art on Stony Silence (Innistrad) shows a grounded Manor Gargoyle, a reference to Stony Silence's text.
Jester's Sombrero is a parody of Jester's Cap, both cards are illustrated by Dan Frazier.
Mirror Mirror is a parody of Mirror Universe. The artist Kaja Foglio, married to Mirror Universe's artist Phil Foglio, has her name mirrored in the credit line.
Blacker Lotus is a parody of Black Lotus, both cards are illustrated by Christopher Rush.
Strategy, Schmategy is a parody of Wheel of Fortune, both cards are illustrated by Daniel Gelon.
840 stories found
Page / 35