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Magic: The Gathering — Trivia
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Ghazbán Ogress is a parody of Ghazbán Ogre, both cards are illustrated by Mike Raabe.
Chicken Egg is a parody of Rukh Egg, both cards are illustrated by Christopher Rush.
The name, text, and casting cost on Life and Limb are references to Living Lands.
Deranged Hermit inspired Thelonite Hermit (similar text with Saprolings instead of Squirrels), but also Deep Forest Hermit (back to Squirrels).
The tree in the background of Utopia Vow's art is an Utopia Tree.
Rancid Rats's flavor text is a reference e H. P. Lovecraft's short story The Rats in the Walls.
Phyrexian Ghoul and Thran War Machine are depicted on the bottom of Fall of the Thran's art.
What Teysa says on Borborygmos's flavor text can be verified on Wreak Havoc and Protean Hulk's flavor texts.
The name, text, and casting cost on Nature's Chant are a perfect mix of two color-shifted cards: Naturalize and Disenchant.
Fog, Holy Day, and Darkness form a rare trio of color-shifted cards, they share the exact same text and converted mana cost.
The flavor text advises to run south to escape Carnivorous Moss-Beast because moss are said to grow on the north side of trees (Northern hemisphere ranger wisdom).
The langage used on Atinlay Igpay is Pig latin.
Head to Head, Mouth to Mouth, Eye to Eye, Face to Face, and Side to Side (Unhinged) form a funny cycle of cards whose effects are resolved only if win a contest with your opponent.
Red-Hot Hottie's art is a parody of Fire Elemental.
Prowling Serpopard is a reference to a mythical animal known from Ancient Egyptian art.
The lazotep mineral with which Nicol Bolas's army is coated is inspired by Lapis lazuli.
The art on Cancel (Time Spiral) is a reference to Counterspell (Alpha), both cards were illustrated by Mark Poole.
The "piece of jewelry" on Big Furry Monster's left horn is actually a Phyrexian Dreadnought.
The "piece of jewelry" on Big Furry Monster's right horn is actually a Polar Kraken.
On Ladies' Knight's art, we can see Akroma, Angel of Wrath and Phage the Untouchable in a nightclub called "Nevinyrral's Disco" (a reference to Nevinyrral's Disk).
840 stories found
Page / 35